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SmartECG helps heart patients get to treatment faster

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SmartECG solution helps heart patients get to treatment faster
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RemoteA wins EUR 1.2 million EU funding

RemoteA is developing the first universal algorithm-based solution aimed at getting heart patients to treatment faster. The SmartECG solution will be a decision-tool for GPs and it is based on the extensive cardiac database and analytics expertise that RemoteA has accumulated during the past 15 years. After validation, the piloting phase will begin in autumn 2018 and launch in early 2019.

RemoteA ehealth services

Speed up consultation whilst reducing costs. We improve healthcare for the benefit of patients, healthcare institutions and societies by providing a Remote Diagnostic Service Platform making diagnosis cheaper, better and faster.

Our Pay-per-consultation products include:

  • 24-72HR ECG
  • Sleep Apnoea
  • ABPM

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RemoteA Cardiac Analytics

We in RemoteA Cardiac Analytics develop and license top quality algorithms that help you make sense of your cardiac data.

RemoteA algorithms can be applied to any cardiac data produced by for example a Holter monitor, stress ECG monitor, event recorder or loop recorder. The data length can vary from a few seconds to several days or even weeks. We can also offer real time analysis of continuous data.

Data Evaluation Test

Read more about the possibility to test your data quality.