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We offer you multiple benefits, so please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your special business case and requirements, whether you represent a medical device developer, service provider or vendor, wearable industries, a start-up company, a clinical research organization, or any other business.

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RemoteA is developing SmartECG, the first universal and automated interpreation solution for cardiac data.

Press release 7.3.2017: RemoteA wins €1,2M EU funding to develop SmartECG.

Our ECG algorithm expertise is based on 70.000+ ECG consultations and 1.5+ million hours of cardiac data.

Our Remote Diagnostics Service Platform is operated in nearly 300 healhcare units in Finland, Sweden and United Kingdom.


Top quality analysis software

When we at RemoteA Cardiac Analytics combine our vast database with top algorithm and cardiology experts, the end result is analytics that perform at an exceptional level.


Shorter time to market

Instead of wasting valuable time and resources in building your own software, you can get it quickly and conveniently from us.


More value to your end-user customers

Consumers are monitoring themselves more than ever, and the trend is strengthening. There are also more possibilities than before to gather valuable information about cardiac health before medical diagnosis, during the treatment and when recovering. We in RemoteA bring value to your customers by providing top quality cardiac analytics.


Better quality of life and even more lives saved

Collecting medical data has been possible for a long time, but only now we are getting to a point where the data can be effectively analyzed with advanced software. Also now that the analytics have become sufficiently effective, the possibilities of collecting cardiac data can be fully realized.