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Healthtech company RemoteA Group

RemoteA specializes in cardiac data analysis, software servces and remote diagnostic services, and is a certified medical device manufacturer.

RemoteA aims to play an important role in the future of health care, with its unique algorithm expertise that speeds up diagnosing patients with symptoms of cardio-vascular diseases (CVD). Read our true story of our path from sleep apnoea monitoring, remote diagnostics services to cardiac analytics and algorihm-based diagnostics.

Now is the time for the healthcare revolution

The global healthcare status may at first glance appear bleak: population is aging, but healthcare resources may not increase to same extent. Healthcare professionals retire too, as in a couple of years it is estimated that one third of Physicians are over 55 years old. How to take care of the well-being and health of the population in accordance with our shared, humane values?

Fortunately, health technology offers us effective, even better solutions for prevention, treatment and rebound. RemoteA is strongly involved in this positive development. High quality and reliable health technology solutions make it possible to take care of our fellow citizens in need for help, even more effectively than before. We believe that the healthcare revolution leads our way to improved healthcare:

We improve healthcare for the benefit of patients, healthcare institutions and societies by providing a remote diagnostic service making diagnosis cheaper, better and faster. We specialise in cardiac and respiratory diagnostics.

As a result of remote monitoring and consultation services since 2002, we have developed expertise in cardiac analysis software development and we have substantial expertise in assisting the diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmia, blood pressure and sleep apnea.

With our services healthcare organisations have already helped more than 170 000 healthcare customers during the last 15 years in the form of ECG, sleep apnea and ABPM consultations. We will continue to strive for improved healthcare in the future too.

SmartECG solution helps heart patients get to treatment faster

RemoteA Oy has raised EUR 1.2 million in funding from the EU to develop SmartECG, an algorithm-based software product for automatically analysing ECG. Of the 104 ICT companies that applied for the funding, only four companies were chosen, with RemoteA receiving the highest scores. The SmartECG solution is made unique by its universality: SmartECG will be the first and only automatic clinical decision-making support solution to be compatible with 80% of ECG-monitoring devices, and suitable for both primary and secondary health care professionals. SmartECG will also be the first and only clinical decision making tool for GP’s when treating patients with cardiovascular disease.

SmartECG is the first universal and automated interpretation solution for cardiac data.


Team of leading professionals of cardiologists and algorithm developers

With great mix of leading cardiologists, cardiac electrophysiologists, algorithm developers and business expertise, we are able to help our client organizations create more value for their end-user customers. RemoteA’s medical director is Prof. Lauri Toivonen, the former Chief Cardiologist of Helsinki University Hospital.

RemoteA Ltd is a member of Healthtech Finland


eHealth Services

Presence in United Kingdom and in the Nordic countries

We have developed our remote monitoring and consultation services since 2002 and by today, we have established a widespread network of general practitioners, specialist physicians and healthcare organizations in Finland, Sweden and United Kingdom. Our Remote Diagnostics Service Platform is operated in approximately 250 health care units and with leading cardiac electrophysiologists. Read more about the value we bring to healthcare in eHealth Services and in respective country-specific websites (Sweden and United Kingdom)

Device competence

RemoteA Ltd. is a certified medical device manufacturing company and we have successfully developed and brought to market several medical devices such as an ECG device.

Cardiac Analytics

170 000+ patients remotely diagnosed

As pioneers in remote diagnostics, we have so far delivered over 170 000 ECG, sleep apnea and blood pressure consultation reports. Because of our extensive background as a distance diagnostics provider we have been able to accumulate a unique database of just the right kind of data to train our algorithms with.

Cardiac database of 1,5+ million hours of data

Our cardiac database consists of 1,5+ million hours of clinically relevant data with findings, diagnosis and treatment recommendations provided by top cardiologists.

Our core competencies in Cardiac Analytics include:

  • Refining of ambulatory electrocardiographic (ECG) data
  • Filtering of signal disturbances
  • Accurately identifying and clustering heartbeats, even from noisy data
  • Accurately identifying various cardiac arrhythmia, such as AF and SVT
  • Capability to form data subsets based on desired information, for example Atrial Fibrallation (AF) set of over 500 hand-picked, confirmed and classified episode samples

We also have experience in seismocardiography (SCG) and have developed a smart phone application utilizing both accelerometer and gyroscope (  Additionally, we have developed analytics for phonocardiography (PCG).

Cardiac Analytics – Products and Services

Cardiac Analytics – Four Benefits of partnering with us

Would you like to evaluate your cardiac data? Data Evaluation Test

Our story

Relentless work for improved healthcare since 2002

Ever since our founding in 2002 we have strived to enable faster and more efficient diagnosis of patients. We set off with sleep apnea remote services, and today we are a well-established medical techonology company expanded to cardiac data analytics, versatile remote diagnostics services and medical devices. However, our story goes further beyond to the 1980’s where a persistent team of technical and medical professionals strived to develop executable sleep apnea diagnosis methods.

Behind many successes we can find individuals and teams with strong vision and determination, and that is the case here too. A young physicist Pekka Tiihonen joined a team working on neurophysiological diagnostics, especially EEG-telemetry, in a hospital at the eastern part of Finland bringing technical expertise to the team. At the time, sleep apnea analysis was quite rare and qualitative as the devices where based on expensive EEG-recorders, and therefore measuring and screening sleep apnea was unsystematic.

The team started to develop devices suitable to use at home. The first four-channel portable device was produced by Tiihonen’s team in 1989.

The sleep briefcase was able to identify clear sleep apnea cases but it was not possible to analyze and classify them precisely. At that time the embedded device operated independently and produced respiration signal curves after recording to Windows environment, says Tiihonen. After twenty years those raw curves have been reanalyzed and several scientific articles have been published.

The so called sleep briefcase was in use the following 14 years, while the team worked simultaneously to improve the accuracy and usability of it. Venla, the first sleep apnea device aimed entirely for home use was completed in 2002. Later Pekka Tiihonen started to work on his doctoral thesis “Novel Portable Devices for Recording Sleep Apnea and Evaluating Altered Consciousness”, which was published and accepted in 2009.

From sleep apnea to ECG and blood pressure remote analysis and algorithm expertise

As pioneers in remote diagnostics, we have thus far delivered over 170 000 ECG, sleep apnea or blood pressure consultation reports. Because of our extensive background as a distance diagnostics provider we have been able to accumulate a unique database of just the right kind of data to train our algorithms with.

We feel grateful for being a part of the tradition and the future of medical and technical scientific development, relentless strive for a better world. Ingenuity, responsibility and effectiveness are the values at the core of our business.

No less, it is in the RemoteA algorithm.

The key milestones have been:

02/2002: Company was founded by Mr. Ossi Tiihonen to commercialize sleep apnea telemedicine platform

04/2005: Launching of the RemoteA´s ECG telemedicine consultation service in Finland

09/2007: Expansion to UK; breakeven point for consultation service

10/2009: Expansion to Sweden; database of 5000 ECG analysis reports; beginning of big data analysis and first software development

09/2013: First working prototype of SmartECG algorithm software

02/2016: Internal validation of the SmartECG algorithm; new consultation platform development; reached client base of 250 clinics

1/2017: Remote Analysis Oy was sold to Coronaria Terveyspalvelut. RemoteA continues to provide the software solution and telemedicine platform for Coronaria Analyysipalvelut Oy.

03/2017: RemoteA Oy has raised EUR 1.2 million in funding from the EU to develop SmartECG, an algorithm-based software product for automatically analysing ECG. Of the 104 ICT companies that applied for the funding, only four companies were chosen, with RemoteA receiving the highest scores

RemoteA Ltd has earned the One of the Strongest Certificate based on the Rating Alfa -credit rating of Suomen Asiakastieto. It is a sign of a company’s positive financial figures, background information and good payment behaviour that only 12 % of Finnish companies are entitled to.

Board of Directors

Mr Ossi Tiihonen, Managing Director
Chairman of the Board

Mr Jarno Mäkelä, CTO

Mr Lauri Toivonen

Mr Timo Hakkarainen




We are certified for ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 and we follow the European directive for medical devices (MDD) and the US FDA Quality System Regulations (QSR) in our quality processes. Additionally, we operate in conformance with the following standards: IEC 62304, IEC 60601-1, ISO 14971 and IEC 62366.




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RemoteA Certificate ISO13485_2016 VTT-C-12060-60-17

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