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Speed up diagnosis whilst reducing costs with Remote Diagnostics Service Platform

We improve healthcare for the benefits of patients, healthcare institutions and societies by providing a Remote Diagnostic Service Platform making diagnosis cheaper, better and faster. We specialize in cardiac and respiratory diagnostics.

We have developed our remote monitoring and consultation service since 2002 and by today, we have established a widespread network of general practitioners, specialist physicians and healthcare organizations in Finland, Sweden and United Kingdom. Our Service Platform is operated in approximately 300 health care units and in a network of leading cardiac electrophysiologists.

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Consultants report in max 5 days

In our short video you can see how:

Our solution simplifies the diagnosis of a number of common medical disorders. We supply our customer clinics with high-quality monitoring devices and the expertise of top specialist doctors, which means, that we are able to eliminate the need to refer patients elsewhere for diagnostic tests, and in a cost-effective way.

Attending doctors have therefore a practical and affordable way to diagnose their patients faster, more easily and extensively, and with absolutely no investments in devices or software.

RemoteA ehealth services are easy to access and use.

Our Pay-per-consultation service includes

  • Easy-to-use monitoring devices
  • Secure data transfer
  • Browser-based analysis software
  • No setup costs.

Our service products include:

  • 24-72HR ECG monitoring
  • Home polysomnography
  • 24H blood pressure monitoring

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  • Hur fjärrdiagnostik påverkar vårdorganisationen, patienten och allmänläkaren