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RemoteA Group specialises in cardiac data analysis, remote diagnostic services and is a certified medical device manufacturer.

Our Remote Diagnostics Service Platform is operated in around 300 health care units in Finland, Sweden and United Kingdom.

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Our Cardiac Analytics expertise is based on a substantial cardiac database.

We are develoging SmartECG, the first universal and automated interpretation solution for cardiac data, that helps heart patients get to treatment faster.

Our customers and partners include for example:


Customer cases

Kingsbridge Private Hospital

This is a professional expert led service which I can refer to with authority.

Dr. Roger Brown, Private GP at Kingsbridge private hospital


Dr. Roger Brown has been using the Remote Sleep Service Platform for 2 years in Kingsbridge private hospital. He is especially satisfied with the service being a professional expert service in a very specialised field.

He has also learnt a little more about sleep apnoea reporting and can better inform patients who might be planning to avail themselves of the service. I like the format of the report. It contains as much detail as I would want with a very concise and helpful summary to work from.”

Also the patients have been very positive: “They feel reassured that they now know what is wrong and that something often can be done!”

Kingsbridge private hospital operates in Belfast and provides primary care services.

Patients are very positive and happy there is a device like this available.

Dr. Maria Hine, Darvell Dental Clinic

Darvell Dental Clinic started using the Remote Diagnostics Sleep Service Platform in 2016. The best feature of the service is, that patients can use it at home. “Patients are very positive and happy”, says Dr. Maria Hine, the service provides a useful tool to test patients fairly simply in their own home, when sleep apnoea is suspected.” Dr. Hine also thanks the user-friendly device and reports that are sent in five days. She finds the customer support also responsive and helpful.

Darvell Dental Clinic operates in Robertsbridge, East Sussex. The clinic provides diagnostic and screening procedures, surgical procedures and treatment of disease, disorder or injury.


Very fast and easy service with clear expert reports.

Dr. Maria Cavanna, dentist, Beechgrove Dental Clinic

Dr. Maria Cavanna from Beechgrove Dental Clinic is particularly happy with the Remote Diagnostics Sleep Service Platform for providing expert reports in a timely manner. “Before using the service I had thought it would be far too expensive to use routinely,” she says, “and also did not know how we could get the studies read and reported by an expert.” Instead, the service is straightforward to use, the reports are clear, and the service very fast.

Dr. Maria Cavanna adds: It saves time and hassle compared to referring the patient to a sleep physician and waiting for them to do a sleep study.” The clinic can then refer with study in hand if needed.  She also finds the cost very reasonable.

Beechgrove Dental Clinic has been using the service since last year. The clinic operates in Dover, Kent.

“Positive to be able to offer an examination at the same time as the doctor’s appointment”

Anette Andersson, Capio Health Center Gävle

Capio Health Center Gävle has been RemoteA’s customer since October 2014 and uses RemoteA’s ECG Recorder service.

Above all, their patients appreciate being treated faster. “It is positive to be able to offer an examination at the same time as the doctor’s appointment,” Anette Andersson says and also praises the introduction, which provided good information and instructions. RemoteA’s customer service always responds quickly.

Capio Health Center Gävle, as well as Capio Health Center Wasahuset and Capio Primary Care Center Västerås City are included in the Capio Group, which is one of Europe’s leading healthcare companies and offers a wide range of high quality healthcare in medicine, surgery and psychiatry in four countries through hospitals, specialist clinics and healthcare centers.

SE Åbågens vårdcentral


“The patients are mostly positive and find it a simple examination”

Yvonne Finnäs, Åbågen’s Health Care Center


“Much shorter waits for patients”

Sirpa Molund, The Family Doctors Önsta-Gryta in Västerås

The Family Doctors Önsta-Gryta in Västerås, a medium-sized healthcare center included in healthcare choice Västmanland, has been RemoteA’s customer since September 2015. The Family Doctors use RemoteA’s ECG Recorder distance service.

The Family Doctors are satisfied with RemoteA’s service and especially appreciate that the waits have become much shorter for the patients.

“Most people want the examination done without long waits,” says Sirpa Molund. “They like that there are images in the information booklet. So far everyone has understood the instructions.”

RemoteA customer service also works quickly, Molund thinks.

The Family Doctors Önsta-Gryta is a private family doctor’s clinic and a part of Praktikertjänst. The clinic is located in central Önsta-Gryta and the greater part of their nearly 11,000 patients live in the immediate vicinity. They have conducted the family doctor’s clinic on the same premises since 2000. As a part of Praktikertjänst, they aim for safe care with high quality.


SE Storumans sjukstuga

The customer service has worked out very well. Can always be reached. Quick responses”       

Agnetha Sundqvist, Storuman Cottage Hospital




Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden and RemoteA Ltd have worked together in a development project. Sahlgrenska regards RemoteA’s technical and medical expertise to be at a very high level, and can strongly recommend co-operation with RemoteA Ltd.