White papers and abstracts

Novel Portable Devices for Recording Sleep Apnea and Evaluating Altered Consciousness  Doctoral Thesis 2009, University of Kuopio, Finland
P. Tiihonen
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Design, construction and evaluation of an ambulatory device for screening of sleep apnea
Evaluation of a Novel Ambulatory Device for Screening of Sleep Apnea
A portable device for intensive care brain function monitoring with event-related potentials

Application of Teleophthalmology in Screening and Monitoring of Elderly Population in Rural Areas in Lithuania
Commun Med Care Compunetics (2011) 3: 67–87 3 A. Paunksnis, V. Barzdziukas, R. Gricius, D. Buteikiene, P. Treigys, S. Kopsala, D. Imbrasiene, A. Maciulis, M. Paunksnis, L. Valius, K. Andrijauskas and O. Tiihonen

Clinical Prediction of Sleep Apnea – A Tool for the Selection of Patients
18th Annual Congress of the European Respiratory Society (ERS) 2009, Vienna, Austria
M. Peltomaa, M. Kataja, H.Lehti

A Success Story in Remote Diagnostics: Better Results with Significantly Lower Costs
Med-e-Tel Conference 2010, Luxembourg
T. Hakkarainen, L. Toivonen

Effective telemedicine consultation on the treatment of hypertension
Med-e-Tel Conference 2011, Luxembourg
T. Harju, M. Syvänne, M. Laine 

Cost-effective Ambulatory Polysomnography for Otolaryngologists
The XXXI Congress of the Nordic Association of Otolaryngology
M. Peltomaa, A. Larsen, H. Lehti, A. Mäkitie, P. Tiihonen

Diagnosis in the first point of care – faster access to treatment saves lives and costs
Southern African Telemedicine and eHealth Conference 2011, Cape Town, South Africa
T. Hakkarainen, T. Harju

Clearing the path – how to improve clinical pathways in a cost-efficient manner
Med-e-Tel Conference 2012, Luxemburg
T. Harju, A. Puhakka, N. Tammi, L. Toivonen, K. Halme

Telemedicine Service Measurably Reduces the Costs of Healthcare
Med-e-Tel Conference 2013, Luxemburg
T. Harju, L. Toivonen